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How consumers let down their guard on web privacy

"In a series of provocative experiments, he has shown that despite how much we say we value our privacy — and we do, again and again — we tend to act inconsistently." [From How consumers let down their guard on web privacy ]

Ukrainian aircraft design expertise to the highest bidder

Ukraine exported major conventional arms worth $1.344 billion in 2012 becoming the fourth largest arms exporter in the world, according to the data published by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). Three largest suppliers of major conventional weapons in 2012 were the United States ($8.760 billion), Russia ($8.003 billion), and China ($1.783 billion).

Antonov State a global leader in aircraft design

A major export is military aircraft designs. China bought the services of Antonov State to help build the Y-20 transport aircraft. The Antonov State Company, is a Ukrainian aircraft manufacturing and services company based in Kyiv. Antonov's particular expertise is in the fields of very large airplanes and airplanes insensitive to runway quality. Antonov is the most common airplane brand on the planet, with total of 22,000 aircraft built and thousands of planes currently operating in the former Soviet Union and the developing countries.

The Antonov 124 is the largest airplane that was ever mass produced and there are versions that can carry 150 tons.

Oleg Antonov died in 1984 but he left a legacy of superior aircraft design capability in the Ukrainian company.

China's Y-20 66 ton transport

Solid State Batteries will be the successor to Lithium ion Batteries

Toyota has long clung to the Nickel-Metal-Hydride (NiMH) batteries, claiming that lithium-ion batteries are too expensive. Toyota is looking to solid state and lithium-air batteries. By modifying liquefied electrolytes into solid electrolytes, it allows each cells to connect without the need for individual casing, which results in creating a more compact packaging. Solid state batteries could thus have one fifth the volume of current batteries. What makes that possible is the use of solid electrolytes. Rather than a liquid sloshing around, a solid state battery has blocks of solid material pressed together. This requires less packaging to achieve the same effect as the liquid electrolyte batteries.

Skin In The Game

Skin In The Game:
The idea that citizens might create their own local political structures, for purposes they themselves choose, and run them themselves, using the tools of democratic process, has vanished completely from our national conversation.

Reinventing America

A great article from the Archdruid Report.

Reinventing America: It’s been more than a year now since my posts here on The Archdruid Report veered away from the broader theme of this blog, the decline of industrial civilization, to consider the rise and impending fall of America’s global empire.  That was a necessary detour, and the points I’ve tried to explore since last February will have no small impact on the outcome of the broader trajectory of our age.

Easily Done: PDF Army Survival Guide on your mobile gear

Without a good solar charger or battery backup for your iPhone or iPad, you won't get a whole lot of use, but if you have an emergency that requires you to figure out something that could be in the Army Survival Guide, having a PDF file of it on your mobile device could be a real life saver.

I also suggest a small PDF with all sorts of personal info you might need. That lets you print it out in a hurry, instead of having to print a bunch of separate address book entries and such. Consider including latitude and longitude of places you might want to go and other, less normal info you might need if things go seriously bad.

I'm sure there are ways to get PDFs onto an Android or Blackberry, but I'm also sure it isn't as simple as it is if you have an i-device. For those, check out these really easy instructions.

Prepped for a Food Crisis?

There's an excellent article at ActivistPost on preparing for a food crisis. I particularly think the idea of just picking up a little extra non-perishable food each time you hit the grocery store is a great idea.

A Great Hope for Future Democracy

The Second Most Important Thing

In any emergency situation lasting more than a few hours, there's one thing more important than any other.


But after that, when thinking about long term trouble, the second most important thing is probably something you don't think about when planning. It certainly isn't something you can pack in your bug out bag.

The second most important thing is relationships. If you don't have good relationships with your neighbors, with people at the destinations of your bug-out, with those you'll need to rely on when the phone is out, when the cars have no gas, when the internet is down, then it won't matter if you have all the water and food and ammo you'll ever need. Because you can't do it all alone.

Do you know your neighbors? Can you rely on them in a pinch? If not, why not? When walking to the nearest main road becomes an adventure, it will be good to know the names of the people whose doors you may need to bang on.


From this weekend, I learned of The Outquisition, and it strikes me as an exceptionally fine idea.

It also reminds me that I need to regularly add information of similar type to this site. So look for more regular updates, tools, ideas and plans coming almost daily!

Of course, my vacation is coming up....

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