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Yummy Stuff for Kitchen or Storage

We eat this stuff all the time anyway, and with a special price at Amazon right now, it made sense to get a bunch of Annie's shells and cheese.
The individual boxes are small and easy to store.
This isn't great stuff for long term storage, but will help quite a bit if you're stuck in a short term break down of grocery delivery systems. Or just too tired to go to the store!

Impeach Cheney First

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Coming Soon: Report on an Afternoon of Rifle Shopping and a Visit to Other Worlds

Stepping into a gun shop is more than a bit like visiting another world for me.

Gun Rack
Less than 10% of this store's stock. How do they stay
in business with that much inventory?
Do they sell that much?

Now I know where people buy those "American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God" and "Heritage Not Hate" bumper stickers. I just never see those for sale at Plan 9 records or Target.
Img 3505
Southern Gun World--Children first!

But every gun shop I visited had them. Ironically, the place where I ended up buying was the oddest, selling bait, terrible terrible imported knock-offs of medieval armor, and dozens of things emblazoned with confederate flags.
The quick summary of the longer story is that I ended up with an SKS rifle, one of the better versions made directly for the american market rather than military surplus.

Because You Have to Chop Wood

I recall watching Frontier House on PBS a year or two ago. I was particularly struck by one snippet of info: the experts who rated how well each family had prepared for the winter unanimously and uniformly felt that none of the families had stored up enough wood. They even warned all of them at the start with a line like "If you don't have some other chore to do, you should be chopping wood."
It takes a lot of wood to get through a winter without heat, especially if you're in the midwest or north. This is a good axe with a strong handle, though the replacement guarantee might not do you any good if the local Home Depot has been looted.
Fiskars Pro Chopping Axe, available from Amazon.

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Who Owns Your Future?

This is video of how it is possible to completely and unnoticably compromise an electronic voting machine in under a minute.

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Tom Engelhart's "Commencement Address"

This really resonated with me:

...take a good look at our world, the one you already know is there, but don't think too much. It's time to pass through the portals of this school that has held you these last four years, out the gate, into the streets beyond, into the world beyond, and get yourself an education. It's time to look up and read the inscription -- by now, you can surely do so with your eyes closed -- and then reformulate it.

The whole thing is here at

Big Can o' Buckwheat

Now this is a good idea. Nitrogen packed, so it can last for many many years. You can eat this stuff and the whole grain is really good for you. You can let it sprout and have some green sprouts on your vegan dinner salad. And if things get really really bad, you can plant it and grow more. Grind it up to make flour or crack it for bulgar. That one can is pretty densely packed with a lot of survival!

It Can Happen Here Review on DailyKos

It Can Happen Here book cover It Can't Happen Here Book cover
Over at DailyKos, SusanG has a good review of the scary book of political analysis It Can Happen Here.

Gotta love any book that takes Sinclair Lewis as a starting point. Everyone had to read The Jungle in the 10th grade at my high school–I wonder if that is still on the reading list? I still recall Lewis' lament at the reception The Jungle received: "I aimed to hit the reader in the heart but instead struck him in the stomach." Or something like that.

Seems to me America would be better served by having its students read Lewis' It Can't Happen Here. Perhaps then the population would be more aware of the dangers in following good-ole-boy demagogues.

No Oceanside Retirement Home for Me!

I think I'll stay here in the foothills. No way would I put my faith or money into any sort of home or getaway on the ocean. Here's why.

Even if you aren't directly affected by a sea level rise, what do you think the economic repercussions of coastal flooding will be? And then there are your relatives who will want to come and stay with you after their beach front home floods.

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