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Ford Wants to be Prepped for Anything Too! Including Zombies.

Apparently, though, Ford's designers think it is important to be ready to place the new SYNUS in whatever post-apocalyptic zombie movie George Romero makes next. Its "style" reminds me of something made up by the propmasters for Land of the Dead.

"Ford SYNUS: For When Welding Sheet Steel on your F150 isn't Good Enough!"

Can I get it with electrically charged bumpers?

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Here's Hoping Solar is the Answer

I sure hope this article is correct. Solar power holds out the hope of decentralized power. As John Robb points out, big centralized networks are very very easy to disrupt.

Of course, at this moment, we face the early adopter's dilemma. Do we pay high prices now for tech that isn't very efficent, or wait a few years and get more for less. Reminds me of a small publishing company I know that jumped whole hog into computers in 1983, embracing the terrible IBM compatible standard. 18 months later they realized they really wanted Macs.

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Daily Kos: State of the Nation

"Darksyde" writes at Daily Kos: State of the Nation:

I feel our nation is under grave threat from a tiny cabal of neoconservatives freaks, that are off the chain, bug-fuck crazy. In just a few short years, these stooges have lost one war, are in the process of losing a second, even while clamoring to start a third. The tragic litany of foreign and domestic policy catastrophes engineered by these clowns handily exceeds the scope of this post. It is virtually impossible to overstate the magnitude of these blunders. They are unparalleled in modern American history.

These fringe radicals remain profoundly dangerous for three interlocking reasons: They’re breathtakingly incompetent, they’re arrogant to the brink of delusional, and they retain enormous influence over the most powerful military machine on the face of the planet. Now their fraud has been exposed, finally Republicans, Democrats, and Independents have begun to collectively realize the destruction these derelicts have brought down on all our ideological heads. But they're still in power, perhaps cooking up who knows what kind of new God-awful shit, even as they blame America for their past, stupendous cluster-fucks.

While the main thrust of his article is about something else entirely, the section above quite succinctly describes many of my worries for the future. Though you'll never hear me call neocons "radicals." I call them "reactionaries."

Could You Manage in a National Epidemic?

Here's a very simple example of separating the wheat from the chaff.

If a flu epidemic broke out in your country, and the only thing you had do to to survive was to keep you and yours at home for two weeks without contact with any other person, would you survive?

Now, suppose that the power went out. (Power companies need people to come to work to keep the power flowing. It isn't automatic.) How about now?

Coming Soon

Just getting started here, but I've got a backlog of ideas and plans. Here are a few of the reviews and article topics coming up:

  • Expert 1 recommends the "sole gun" be a SKS semi-automatic rifle .308 caliber model, probably Chinese make, $150. Expert 2 recommends a lever action 45-70, probably $500. Will I follow one or another's advice, or go off on some other tangent recommended by a stranger?
  • Taste testing Emergency Essentials' roast beef and cheese tortellini meals.
  • Citizenré's long term rental deal on solar panels for your home--is it a way to get cheap electricity that will still be running if terrorists blow the national power grid?

Tom Bihn Super Ego Messenger Bag

I needed a new messenger bag. Happily, I was able to get the one I wanted from the get-go a Tom Bihn SuperEgo bag. This is a new bag from Tom, and it seemed to have everything I wanted.

Or pretty close anyway. In some good ways, it's much more than I required. In one very small way it doesn't do what I want. But that's mostly my fault, as I'll explain later. Plus, it's fixable.

Do you care about this at all? If so, then read on. But be warned this review is long, and it's full of pictures.

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