Brave New War: One Take on What We Should Prepare For

"Brave New War: The Next Stage of Terrorism and the End of Globalization" (John Robb) I've mentioned John Robb before as a guy who's weblog "scared the hell out of me." This book is a distillation of his current thinking on how the underdeveloped world is fully capable of fighting globalization, potentially with severe affect to us at home.
As William Lind says in his review:

Warriors, in our current context of global guerillas, are not merely lazy and monosyllabic primitives. They are wired, educated and globally mobile. They build complex supply chains, benefit from global money flows, travel globally, innovate with technology and attack shrewdly.

The tools of system disruption are much more available and simpler to use than the tools of system construction. And that is a big part of the challenge coming to those of us who want to be prepped for anything.