Bug Out Bag

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When things go wrong, you rarely have warning. If you have to leave work, home, DEF-CON or your charming vacation home for any reason, it isn't good to have to figure out what to pack.  A bug out bag solves that problem. You put whatever you have to have in it and you don't mess with it, except to rotate out whatever might get stale or expire.  What needs to be in a bug out bag?

  1. A first aid kit
  2. Flashlight, preferably LED, best if it is crank operated.
  3. Required medications
  4. A knife.
  5. Matches
  6. Lighter
  7. A roll of quarters
  8. A list of important phone numbers and addresses
  9. Maps to whereever you can imagine going
  10. Photocopies of important documents: driver's license, passport, credit cards, deeds, will.
  11. Spare socks and underwear. Good shoes if you normally wear shoes more stylish than comfortable.
  12. Cash
  13. A filter mask.