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Daily Kos: State of the Nation

"Darksyde" writes at Daily Kos: State of the Nation:

I feel our nation is under grave threat from a tiny cabal of neoconservatives freaks, that are off the chain, bug-fuck crazy. In just a few short years, these stooges have lost one war, are in the process of losing a second, even while clamoring to start a third. The tragic litany of foreign and domestic policy catastrophes engineered by these clowns handily exceeds the scope of this post. It is virtually impossible to overstate the magnitude of these blunders. They are unparalleled in modern American history.

These fringe radicals remain profoundly dangerous for three interlocking reasons: They’re breathtakingly incompetent, they’re arrogant to the brink of delusional, and they retain enormous influence over the most powerful military machine on the face of the planet. Now their fraud has been exposed, finally Republicans, Democrats, and Independents have begun to collectively realize the destruction these derelicts have brought down on all our ideological heads. But they're still in power, perhaps cooking up who knows what kind of new God-awful shit, even as they blame America for their past, stupendous cluster-fucks.

While the main thrust of his article is about something else entirely, the section above quite succinctly describes many of my worries for the future. Though you'll never hear me call neocons "radicals." I call them "reactionaries."

Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic [American Empire Project] (American Empire Project)

The long-awaited final volume of Chalmers Johnson’s bestselling Blowback trilogy confronts the overreaching of the American empire and the threat it poses to the republicIn his prophetic book Blowback, Chalmers Johnson linked the CIA’s clandestine activities abroad to disaster at home. In The Sorrows of Empire, he explored the ways in which the growth of American militarism and the garrisoning of the planet have jeopardized our stability. Now, in Nemesis, he shows how imperial overstretch is undermining the republic itself, both economically and politically.Delving into new areas—from plans to militarize outer space to Constitution-breaking presidential activities at home and the devastating corruption of a toothless Congress—Nemesis offers a striking description of the trap into which the dreams of America’s leaders have taken us. Drawing comparisons to empires past, Johnson explores in vivid detail just what the unintended consequences of our dependence on a permanent war economy are likely to be. What does it mean when a nation’s main intelligence organization becomes the president’s secret army? Or when the globe’s sole “hyperpower,” no longer capable of paying for the vaulting ambitions of its leaders, becomes the greatest hyper-debtor of all times? In his stunning conclusion, Johnson suggests that financial bankruptcy could herald the breakdown of constitutional government in America—a crisis that may ultimately prove to be the only path to a renewed nation.

It Can Happen Here: Authoritarian Peril in the Age of Bush

“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag, carrying a cross.”---Sinclair Lewis, author of It Can’t Happen Here, 1935 For the first time since the Nixon era, Americans have reason to doubt the future---or even the presence---of democracy. We live in a society where government conspires with big business and big evangelism; where ideologues and religious zealots attack logic and the scientific method; and where the ruling party encourages xenophobic nationalism based on irrational, manufactured fear. The party in power seems to seek a perpetual state of war to hold on to power, and they are willing to lie, cheat, and steal to achieve their ends. The question must be asked: Are we headed toward the end of American democracy? Nobel Prize--winning author Sinclair Lewis depicted authoritarianism American-style in his sardonically titled dystopian novel It Can’t Happen Here, published in 1935. Now, bestselling political journalist Joe Conason argues that it can happen here—and a select group of extremely powerful right-wing ideologues are driving us ever closer to the precipice. In this compelling, impassioned, yet rational and fact-based look at the state of the nation, Conason shows how and why America has been wrenched away from its founding principles and is being dragged toward authoritarianism. Praise for the books of Joe Conason: “A comprehensive, well-researched indictment of a bunch of nasty people who really deserve it.”---Molly Ivins on Big Lies “When Joe casts his eye on the cadres of the right, they invariably emerge battered, with their arguments filleted, their sources of money exposed, and their real motives laid bare.” —Michael Tomasky, former editor, The American Prospect, on The Raw Deal

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