I love my Swiss Army CyberTool!

I've been carrying the Swiss Army CyberTool 34 around since Christmas of 2000 or so, when my wife gave me one. Aside from a season where temporarily lost it, it has been with me almost constantly.

It's great. The translucent plastic, once so mod as a sly reference to the original and second generation multicolor translucent iMacs, now seems quaintly retro. The plastic is the only part of this knife that shows any real wear.

If you're a computer person, you'll soon discover how handy it is to have a set of torx drivers always at hand.

I've also used it for all sorts of handiwork that convince me it would be useful in a survival situation. The pliers aren't as beefy as you would find on a Leatherman or similar tool, but it's smaller than that and I'm more likely to have it with me because of that.

I do find myself puzzled by one thing on this knife, however. What is that hook for? The only tool it resembles is a farrier's hook, and a tool for cleaning horse shoes seems an unlikely candidate for inclusion on a knife aimed at computer techs.

The only negative I can say about this is that on my CyberTool, the plastic bit holder isn't quite tight enough and some of the bits try to come out of the holder when you don't wan them to. Or maybe those bits are just a little loose.

If you show this to a colleague or acquaintance, no one will think you're a nut. They might be envious.

The Swiss Army CyberTool is an excellent example of a tool that helps you stylishly survive.If I lost it, I'd go right out and get another.


The hook, believe it or not,

The hook, believe it or not, is for easy carrying of shopping bags.


I would never have thought of that in 500 trips to the store. I assume they mean plastic bags?

Who'd you get this from?