I Promise I'm Not a Survivalist Nut. So...

I'm not a nut.
Sure, back in the 70's in high school I used to listen to a cheap radio between classes, just to make sure no one was announcing the nukes were flying--you know, so I could run and hide between social studies and gym--but I'm not a nut.
I don't live in a secluded mountain fastness surrounded by barbed wire and purebred dobermans. I don't count my ammo or spend my weekends sighting in my 30-06 Springfield at 300 yards. I haven't fired a gun in 20 years. I don't own one, but I probably will soon.
I live in a nearly suburban home, work as a computer guy and seem pretty typical if you were to pass me on the street.
And my dogs might come running at you as you come to the house, but they'll just want to play.
But I do think a little differently.

Most every day, I think to myself "This whole life of mine is so fragile, so dependent on so many other things going so right that it just seems irresponsible not to prepare for at least a short period of time when things go wrong instead."

So I keep my Swiss Army Cybertool in my Tom Bihn Super Ego Messenger Bag, because you never know when you'll need a knife.

So I've bought a case of long shelf life food.

So I've asked my gun-loving friends "If you only had to have one long gun in the house to manage everything from target shooting to zombie invasions, what would it be?"

So I keep an extra two weeks of Innova dog food around for the dogs.

So I worry how I'll keep my well pump working if the electricity goes out for two weeks. I worry that I haven't solved that problem.

So I keep my passport in good order.

And so, I've started this web site. Because I think there are other people out there who want their bug out bag to be stylish.