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From this weekend, I learned of The Outquisition, and it strikes me as an exceptionally fine idea.

It also reminds me that I need to regularly add information of similar type to this site. So look for more regular updates, tools, ideas and plans coming almost daily!

Of course, my vacation is coming up....

Because You Have to Chop Wood

I recall watching Frontier House on PBS a year or two ago. I was particularly struck by one snippet of info: the experts who rated how well each family had prepared for the winter unanimously and uniformly felt that none of the families had stored up enough wood. They even warned all of them at the start with a line like "If you don't have some other chore to do, you should be chopping wood."
It takes a lot of wood to get through a winter without heat, especially if you're in the midwest or north. This is a good axe with a strong handle, though the replacement guarantee might not do you any good if the local Home Depot has been looted.
Fiskars Pro Chopping Axe, available from Amazon.

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It Can Happen Here Review on DailyKos

It Can Happen Here book cover It Can't Happen Here Book cover
Over at DailyKos, SusanG has a good review of the scary book of political analysis It Can Happen Here.

Gotta love any book that takes Sinclair Lewis as a starting point. Everyone had to read The Jungle in the 10th grade at my high school–I wonder if that is still on the reading list? I still recall Lewis' lament at the reception The Jungle received: "I aimed to hit the reader in the heart but instead struck him in the stomach." Or something like that.

Seems to me America would be better served by having its students read Lewis' It Can't Happen Here. Perhaps then the population would be more aware of the dangers in following good-ole-boy demagogues.

Coming Soon

Just getting started here, but I've got a backlog of ideas and plans. Here are a few of the reviews and article topics coming up:

  • Expert 1 recommends the "sole gun" be a SKS semi-automatic rifle .308 caliber model, probably Chinese make, $150. Expert 2 recommends a lever action 45-70, probably $500. Will I follow one or another's advice, or go off on some other tangent recommended by a stranger?
  • Taste testing Emergency Essentials' roast beef and cheese tortellini meals.
  • Citizenré's long term rental deal on solar panels for your home--is it a way to get cheap electricity that will still be running if terrorists blow the national power grid?

Tom Bihn Super Ego Messenger Bag

I needed a new messenger bag. Happily, I was able to get the one I wanted from the get-go a Tom Bihn SuperEgo bag. This is a new bag from Tom, and it seemed to have everything I wanted.

Or pretty close anyway. In some good ways, it's much more than I required. In one very small way it doesn't do what I want. But that's mostly my fault, as I'll explain later. Plus, it's fixable.

Do you care about this at all? If so, then read on. But be warned this review is long, and it's full of pictures.

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