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Yummy Stuff for Kitchen or Storage

We eat this stuff all the time anyway, and with a special price at Amazon right now, it made sense to get a bunch of Annie's shells and cheese.
The individual boxes are small and easy to store.
This isn't great stuff for long term storage, but will help quite a bit if you're stuck in a short term break down of grocery delivery systems. Or just too tired to go to the store!

More Good Eating in the Bunker, on sale for now

This sort of vacuum packed, wood smoked salmon keeps in your food stores for many years without refrigeration. As good as MREs may be compared to old-time sea rations, a pound of this now and then will really raise your morale. At the moment, you get almost three for the price of one.

Also, the box is great for storage, and after you've eaten, you can use the cedar to heat up your powdered eggs.

Big Can o' Buckwheat

Now this is a good idea. Nitrogen packed, so it can last for many many years. You can eat this stuff and the whole grain is really good for you. You can let it sprout and have some green sprouts on your vegan dinner salad. And if things get really really bad, you can plant it and grow more. Grind it up to make flour or crack it for bulgar. That one can is pretty densely packed with a lot of survival!

Vacuum Packed Smoked Salmon: An Elegant Meal in the Ruins

Smoked salmon might not seem like survival food to those who normally buy MREs by the case, but if you've ever bought some of the smoked and vacuum packed fish you may have noticed that it typically has a "good through" or "best before" date that's three to five years in the future.

So while this might not be the most cost-effective way to stock your emergency stores, it definitely will break up a week of roast beef or spaghetti MREs.

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